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VoiceXML::Client is a library that provides programs with the ability to act as a user agent that fetches Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) documents, parses them and then executes the instructions therein by playing prompts and collecting user DTMF input/voice recordings through a handle to some type of telephone or other interface.

VoiceXML::Client's focus is on the client side--the XML documents are generated by a distinct process, of your choice, unrelated to the module who's purpose is to control the audio interface according to the dictates of the VoiceXML content retrieved.

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VoiceXML::Client is a Perl library released as free software under the terms of the GPL v3 and is

	Copyright (C) 2007,2008 Pat Deegan
	All Rights Reserved

Since it is pure Perl, and uses the pure Perl miniXML to do the XML parsing, VoiceXML::Client should run on anything that can run Perl: Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac... pretty much everything! Learn more about VoiceXML::Client, its license and our team.

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